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About Us

The expert team of professionals at United Franchise Group (UFG) is committed to building partnerships with vendors on behalf of their over 1,400 franchisees around the world for the following brands.

Under the leadership of Ray Titus, CEO, UFG has grown to include franchise locations in over 80 countries around the world. Titus is a life-long entrepreneur who started his career with his father Roy Titus, a franchising legend.

The leadership team at UFG works diligently on a daily basis to make sure franchisees across all brands are receiving the support they need to be successful. This includes selecting and partnering with vendors that will also support the hard work of the franchisees. The goal is always to find the best-suited vendors for each brand through research and the work of a development review committee that studies all of the options. We understand there are thousands of suppliers to choose from but our partnership with selected vendors is based on the trusted working relationship we share with our franchisees. We always want to provide them with the very best service and support.